On-demand and just-in-time learning

Just-in-time (JIT) learning is learning exactly what you need at that moment. You don’t have to study a whole course or a degree. Just-in-time is used especially in corporate learning. JIT increases employees access to knowledge and improves their engagement. Instructions can be found when they are needed, just-in-time videos can help when reading manuals would be too time consuming. New workers have easy access to materials and can learn new things every day, even when there is no mentor briefing them.

On-demand learning provides learning materials when learner needs them. It is very useful in company training. The beneficial of on-demand learning is it is time saving and suits for a modern time learner. Material can be provided in intranet where it is gathered together for user. Organizing a course takes time. Attendants need to enroll for the course, it requires premises and it takes time of the trainer and the attendees to participate the course, maybe in a different location from your normal working place.

On-demand learning is flexible and it gives a chance to provide workers the material they need and whenever they need it. When the learning material is available online it can be reached at workplace, at home or on a work trip abroad. The motivation of the learner is the key at this point. If learner is eager to learn new things on-demand learning is a good solution. Still knowing that you have access to materials you may need may cause a situation were learner postpones learning.

I watched many videos and read several articles, for these blog posts . All the material had to be found in internet, since libraries have not been open for a while and when it comes to searching material, internet is far quicker than any printed book. It sometimes feels that a book about technology will be out of date when it comes from printing house.

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