Eight Days a Week – Intensive week in Tampere

My studies began with intensive week in Tampere at the beginning of September. Week was really quite intense. So many things, so little time… Our group is really international and it was great to get to know new people around the world: Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Poland, Thailand, UAE,  UK and USA. (Hopefully I remembered you all!)

Five magnificent days full of studying and free time activities. What an experience! I have to admit that when I returned home my mind was full of miscellaneous thoughts. What have I put myself into? Is this really what I want to do? But when I told my friends about the week I understood that I praised my fellow students, teachers and team spirit so much that this is really what I want to do.

So far I’ve noticed that the hardest part is to find out what tasks we have to do and what are the deadlines for each of them. Challenge of distance studies is not how you find time to do everything you need but the fact that all tasks and information you need is in bits and pieces. I’m glad I also happen to like putting jigsaw puzzles together. It is fun as long as you haven’t misplaced any pieces. After intensive week I though I have probably mixed pieces of two different puzzles since it was so difficult to see the whole picture. A calendar in learning environment showing all the deadlines could make difference.