What a week!

Sometimes it feels like nothing happens and all of a sudden you notice that you have a week that has more events than you can handle.

Tuesday we had a video meeting with my fellow students and a teacher. Day was quite awful from the beginning and it was even worse when I noticed that I happened to have a bad English day. I felt like I was talking English for the first time in my life!! I spent the rest of the day blaming myself for my poor performance.

Gladly we have so much to do with studies that there’s no time for whining. So I started to read. I kept reading and reading and connecting things to what I’ve learned before.

It was good to see that learning is also being creative. Back in high school it was more important to remember what you had learned instead of using your own brain and being creative. Active learning is far more interesting than rote learning!

I read a lots of material about history of educational technology. The history is even longer than I thought. Tony Bates blog post explains it in terms of communication which makes it easier to absorb. Well at least for a former journalist…

When I read the blog post and other materials that I immersed myself in, it made me wonder what skills do we need after all? In today’s working life is it better to perceive something new yourself or is it enough to only combine the things you have read and heard? Are you more valuable employee if you have new ideas and if you’re capable of seeing things from a new perspective? That totally depends on where you’re working at! I wish I could create something new and to be able to use my imagination instead of my Excel skills.

When tomorrow comes

Predicting what will happen in the future is never too easy. Educational institutes should be able to foresee what happens in the near future and plan their curriculum according to that. Afterwards it is easy to say what we have done wrong and what we haven’t been able to predict. Will digitization be the answer to certain problems or is it going to cause more of them?

In the article written by John von Radowitz it was told that according to Sir Anthony Sheldon the role of teacher will change dramatically in the future. He

thinks that teachers will be replaced by artificially intelligent computers within 10 years. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad idea since the skills of teachers vary a lot and teachers can be prejudiced and favor certain students. Still I think they are needed. At least some of them a pretty good at what they’re doing!!

I thought a bit further what could happen if teachers were replaced by AI. Major disadvantage¬† would be that we don’t know enough of how to use it safely. It could be a huge risk to give the power of teaching to AI because we don’t know how it’s going to use it. We all have had teachers who have had major impact on us. It may have been good or bad but still we can recall certain things because the person inside the teacher has impressed us.

Reading about AI lead me to study the subject more and I almost forgot that I was supposed to concentrate on educational technology. This is close enough: I found out that Google’s Deep Mind has learned to walk. I wonder how smoothly I would move if I had learned to walk without seeing anyone else walking. Deep Mind learned it all by itself.