Learning management and support systems

Learning management support systems (LMS) are soft-ware or web-based platforms that are used for administration, documentation and tracking of educational courses and learning. One of them is Moodle which is an open source, free online learning management system. In LMS you can gather all learning materials to one place. The assignments can be returned and assessed, exams can be held and teacher can easily follow the progress of each student.

Learning management systems are widely in use in educational institutes, but they are also suitable for corporation use. Using LMS has influence on the costs of education when there is no need to have a classroom or instructor. Yet it is important to remember that no matter where the students or learners are, they may need guidance. It is important to make sure that collaboration among students and with teachers is possible.

One of the main benefits of LMS is that all the learning materials are available no matter where you are. The student can return to the materials over and over again as many times as needed.
I have studied three different degree programs online during the last decade. My own experience has given me a chance to see different ways of using LMS. At its best it helps both students and teachers work, at its worst it increases frustration when something goes wrong and the system does not work as expected. Anyway LMS is one of the best things in the development of education. It makes life so much easier.

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