Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)

Electronic Performance Support system EPSS is a configuration of hardware and software. The content is accessible by employees or students. It is structured to provide information with minimal intervention by others. It helps reducing the costs of employee training and EPSS can be used to learn while working. Training videos provided can be bite-sized so they are easy to adopt and you can use them when you need them. The difference between training and performance support is that training includes a lot of context about how your going to benefit from it etc. Performance support concentrates on showing you how to it. It is giving you answers how to get something done.

According to Ant Pugh the Performance Support Infrastructure consists of “train” which can be eLearning, coaching or learning in classroom. In training you learn the context and the basics. After that you “transfer” and start practicing on your own. Then you “sustain” your new skills and improve them. For this can be used videos, social media etc.

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